Supercharge your reputation using ClickBooster’s laser targeted apps: introducing LOGOSCANNER.

Now your partners and clients can INTERACT with your old school business card. Activate  LOGOSCANNER. It's awesome.

Your business card will be used.

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Integrated Engagement & Sharing

Because nothing beats words of mouth.

ClickBooster helps you boost revenue by delivering automated and personalized customer care and recommendation solutions. 

Welcome LOGOSCANNER for Business Cards

Convert Partners and Customers into Ambassadors.

Offer the easy way for partners and clients to get in touch and to even recommend you: just add a little AR. It's only 9 EUR/mo (billed yearly).

LOGOSCANNER works instantly on any mobile phone scanning your business card or logo. No app or download required.

Why LOGOSCANNER for a business card? It just works.

Now your business card is a Holo-Dashboard. What's the advantage?

It's really been used

Now People actually DO something with your old school business card instead of just letting it collect dust.

Even in a huge collection your partners will remember which one is yours.

Awesome Performance

The Matrix style AR is pushed out blazing fast on any current mobile phone with an internet conncetion.

The experience is one of a kind.

Can your old business card talk?

Go viral 

Whomsoever you show your business card will ask you for at least one more. This is to be able to keep one while giving away the other one. Maybe you just want to give them 3 .. ;-)

Plus it's shareable!

Attach instant service 

A variety of useful features connects your (segmented groups of) partners using the channel preferred or given.

Offer one or two way communication from just (personal) brand messaging to instant customer support.

Measure and Proof

It's up to you to even measure usage. The high end version can capture all the important key metrics you need and you can choose to get a report.

Does your old business card tell you when it's been used?

Sustainability 1

The only constant in live are changes.

Think about how many times you trashed even a whole set of business cards because of changes. Well, that's history. Let's just adjust some data and that's it. Welcome to sustainability.

Sustainability 2

Not only does using LOGOSCANNER with a businesscard helps saving natural resources, time and money. 

It also prevents trouble after moving or being connected to a new phone system: clients with your card will not lose you.

First come, first served: we take orders starting 14th of July.

Setup fee will start at 67.- EUR.
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Easily tune up your networking game. Make your old school business card an interactive AUGMENTED REALITY Holo-Dashboard. No app required. Your partners, clients and customers will love it.

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